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  1. Field Painting (working title)
    Inkjet Archival Pigment Print, 30"x20", 2013.
    In collaboration with painter, King Farish(click image to enlarge)

    Field Painting is a photographic project by King Farish and John Lui who met at Vermont Studio Center. 

    "Our studios were in the same building and every time I walked by King’s studio I would stop in my tracks and marvel at King’s painting process, or more specifically, the moments between art production. While King’s painting process is predicated upon the accumulation of materials, it is just as much an exercise in restraint. I often find him in his studio, reading a magazine while literally, “waiting for paint to dry” through the multiple layers of canvas. When I look at his studio I sense a consciousness in how paint cans, cinder blocks, and planks of wood are laid out within his working space. What piqued my interest the most was the canvas being draped over a ladder to dry. It possessed that otherworldly and mysterious presence I find so alluring and elusive. The resulting image is an exploration of our two practices coming together."  

     – John Lui