Built with Berta

  1. Summerlab at CAN: "Hyperactivity"

    Artists were invited to the CAN Art Center to participate in the Summerlab and to develope a project based on the theme of "hyperactivity" with minimal means. Artists were encouraged to scout the city to use public spaces. For more info: http://www.can.ch/yh/pages/202.php

    "My Taste. My Style. My Beer"

    Pekka Ruuska a guest curator for the Summerlab collaborated with John Lui in staging a site-specific "happening" in front of a domestic beer advertisement. A gesture of institutional critique, the curators invited passersby as well as Summerlab artists to participate in an art opening where the opening was the work itself. Furthermore, the performance aimed to question the role of advertising and the disconnect between projection and reality.

    Project collaboration by: 
    John Lui and Pekka Ruuska in Neuchatel, Switzerland. August 2010.