Built with Berta

  1. On Being Here
    Video Installation, 4:30 min, 2011.

    As someone who has lived their whole life in large cities, I’ve always had a romantic relationship with Nature. I have heard many ecstatic testimonies on the wonders of hiking. I do believe there is something magical about being in Nature, something akin to the Celtic notion of Thin Places. The idea where the “veil” between the divine and ordinary is so thin, it’s ambiguous. Suffice it to say, I rarely experience this, at the first moment of discomfort the allure of nature dissipates and I retreat back to my man-made refuge.

    In this piece I'm interested in examining the remnants of life and activity. While I think it is fair to say this piece raises questions about human consumption and ecological issues, I am however more interested in Heidegger’s notions on the Temporality of Being (“Seine”) and Authenticity. He writes, “of all beings, only the human being…experiences the wonder of wonder: that things are.” By collecting these items I am exercising my freedom to wonder about a things Being-ness and to conjure up narratives that lie behind these objects - imagined or otherwise.